What do you teach?
Years 7-10 are enrolled in learning areas of the Australian curriculum; subjects are taught in the style most suited to your student’s needs. Years 11-12 students are enrolled in a variety of applied/essential subjects, governed by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). All Years 11-12 students are given the opportunity to receive a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), if they complete all of the QCAA requirements including via Vocational Education Pathways.

What do students wear to school?
There is no formal school uniform Students wear tidy, modest, casual clothes with closed in shoes. A polo shirt is purchased for $25 and is worn on excursions and special days.

What are your school hours?
Years 7-9 start at 8.15am until 2.15pm and Years 10-12 are at school between 9am to 2pm

What are your class sizes?
There are approximately 20 students per class.

What are your fees?
Fortunately, we do not have tuition fees, but charge a small levy of $250 per term to ensure students have access to quality resources and facilities, such as an iPad, stationary, excursions, transport and some meals. There are various payment options.

We have a school canteen and the students have access to breakfast, morning tea and lunch at no charge. The food is healthy and nutritious and our school follows the Qld State Government’s healthy eating policy.

Do you have any fee support?
Support may be given to families in special circumstances. Applications are made through our Finance Office.

Will you support my student with special needs?
Each student is reviewed case by case to see if we can support their needs; we request evidence documents to assist with this process

What evidence do I need for my student?
Refer to ‘Documents Required for Application’.

As we are Independent school, we do not have access to the government school’s database called ‘OneSchool’, therefore parents/carers or the student’s school need to give us the school evidence for the application

What does a Special Assistance School mean?
These are Independent Schools who support students that are disengaged from mainstream schooling by providing them with more flexible programs. We are not a special education school.

How long until I get an interview?
This varies from time to time depending on the vacancies and intake dates. Applications for the following year commence from mid-year in the year prior

What support does my student get?
Arcadia College students are supported Registered Queensland Teachers, Teacher Aides, Social Workers, Medical staff and Psychologists.