When I first started at Arcadia College in 2014, I had already been through three different high schools. High schools in which I felt uncared for by the staff and misunderstood by all of the students. Bullying wasn't punished and I absolutely dreaded going to school every day. At Arcadia, I felt safe and I felt cared for and there was no bullying whatsoever. I really couldn't believe it! I was in high school and enjoying it for the first time. I was excited to attend every day and actually found myself wanting to learn more and to make friends. I graduated in 2015 with a few different certificates, a lot of friends and the confidence and experience to enter the real world.

A few years after I left Arcadia I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and was unable to drive. Now seizure free for over 6 months and I'm allowed to drive. I now work for myself as a cleaner for people on NDIS.

Arcadia College has done so much for so many people! I find myself still interested in how it's going now and all the changes that have been made. I'd like to give a special mention to Debra Black.

Abigail Lowe
(2015 Graduate)

I am absolutely loving work and I have just created the very first WORLD ever Minecraft server combining PC and IPAD, so users can join and play together. I had to link Java script and Bedrock together. Makaede helped me as an IT tester. I am creating a safe server for up to 20 at one time to connect and socialise just like Autcraft, however Autcraft is only for PC users.

(2021 Graduate)

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