3, 2, 1, Launch; Welcome to Orbit.

Orbit is a Mobile App directly accessing the College’s Student Information System. It allows parents and carers to access notifications, report attendance, approve excursions, and much more all from the convenience of your mobile device.



Parent Orbit can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, or the Google Play store.




Parents & Carers can access Orbit on their chosen Mobile device:

  1. Download the App on by selecting one of the above buttons.
  2. Type ‘arcadia’ as your school code.
  3. Use your ParentID as your username.
  4. Your Parent Lounge passcode can be used.

Link to Parent Lounge:

Access Arcadia’s Parent Lounge

Parent Lounge Usernames and Passwords will be sent out to parents and carers throughout the school year.

Please contact admin@arcadia.qld.edu.au for any assistance.

What is Parent Lounge


All of their child’s academic information is available to parents. With access to Assessment, Homework, and Academic Reports, parents will always feel involved in their child’s academic journey at your school. When it comes time to talk with teachers about their child’s performance, Parent Lounge provides a simple booking system for parents to schedule parent-teacher interviews.


Simple updates and access to student information Parent Lounge provides a centralised location for parents at your school to update their child’s information, including address, medical, and even absence information. The Tours & Excursions functionality informs parents about upcoming excursions while also allowing them to approve and pay online.


CANVAS is the online Learning Management platform Arcadia uses for students to access all their curriculum work for the school year.

All students can access Canvas via the following link:

Link – Canvas


Students can log in with details provided to them from either IT or their Homeroom teachers.

How to Login

Our preferred login browser is Google Chrome.

Download by clicking the logo.       

  1. Please log out of any other email accounts.
  2. Log into your student email account.
  3. Go to the canvas site. Link – Canvas
  4. Login with the details provided to you.