Queensland Certificate of Education

In Queensland, a QCE is the highest qualification for secondary schooling and it is the academic goal that most of our students strive towards.

Arcadia College students plan their own schooling path with their team leader (via their Individualised Learning Plan) so at any given time, students know how close they are to successfully accumulating the 20 points necessary to gain their QCE.

Because of the supportive nature of Arcadia, you can complete your schooling earlier or you can take extra time if you need to. We help you to feel in control of your learning, so you can forward plan and get the most out of your time as a student at Arcadia College.

There are lots of creative ways to accumulate points, for example, you can achieve a QCE point by completing a structured volunteer program, or by completing structured work experience, in addition to the more traditional programs.

A number of our students are completing school-based traineeships that will help them gain up to 6 points towards their QCE.

For more information about the Queensland Certificate of Education – https://www.qcaa.qld.edu.au/senior/certificates-qualifications/qce
Here you will see examples of the different ways you can achieve a QCE.

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