Arcadia’s studios are specially designed for our students to feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. Arcadia studios are mixed-gender and are very different to traditional classrooms. It is very easy to make friends and feel supported in your learning.

We recently surveyed our students asking them what their studios meant to them. Here are some of the responses:

My studio is family to me. In this year I have grown such a bond with the girls, I feel like I have made friendships that are going to last forever.

I love my studio and my team leader like they’re my family.

Everyone in my studio is a good friend

It’s like a home away from home – we have good days but we also have days where we get on each other’s nerves.

My studio is everything to me. They are my family. I love them a lot and would do anything for any girl from my studio.

I have been able to make friends easily. Team leaders are heaps better than teachers at mainstream.

My studio means a lot. Without it, I wouldn’t be educated or have support.

My studio is like my extended family, except I actually want to spend time with them! So much care and love which has helped me so much.

It’s a place where mates can get their learning done but still have fun doing so.

My studio is a great, safe place. It means a lot.

My studio is my family.

Big group of mates getting their work done and having fun while we do it.

Feels like home.

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