Jun 06 2016

During Term 2, Arcadia College’s Year 9 and 10 students were engaged throughout their Project Based Learning (PBL) focusing on the current concerns with sharks in the Gold Coast waterways. The driving question ‘how can we prevent shark attacks on the Gold Coast’, gave students an insight into the study of sharks and shark prevention methods. Students were exposed to guest speakers, including Shark Hunters, the Sea Shepherd crew, Shark Activists and representatives from the Department of Fisheries who currently service the Gold Coast shark nets.

Throughout the project, students were given information and studies in order to create a prototype that would either repel/deter sharks, or educate ocean users. Students were invited into a mock ‘Shark Tank’ (TV series) setting where they had to sell their prototype to potential investors. With visual aids, tangible products and their marketing speech, students were faced with 3-4 guest judges from different industries relating to the study. Students explored different types of deterrents, ranging from magnetic and acoustic repellents, to sprays, shark suits and drones.

At the end of the term students were fortunate enough, thanks to a donation from Shine Lawyers, to attend an excursion to Sea World where they were able to see the shark enclosure and participate in further learning.

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Shark Tank

Shark Tank 2

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