1. Does the Arcadia take on placement students throughout the year?

Yes it does.

2. What do I need to do if I would like to do my placement at Arcadia?

All vocational and university placements go through Mandy Pembroke, the Ohana For Youth Volunteering Coordinator. You need to contact Mandy and make an appointment for an interview. mpembroke@ohana.org.au

3. What details do you need from me?

You will be required to have a current resume, two current referees that we can contact without difficulty and two forms of identification and a current Blue Card. We can apply for a Blue Card on your behalf if you do not have one but please be aware that this can take up to four weeks to be processed. You will also need to provide contact details of your Vocational Placement Coordinator.

4. What happens once I have been accepted as a Vocational Placement student?

You will attend a two day mandatory training session that covers all policies and procedures relating to Vocational Placement. This training can be counted towards your placement hours. All Vocational Placement students attend an Orientation Day where they are made aware of Ohana’s policies and procedures. It gives you the opportunity to get your bearings and understand the guidelines and expectations of the mentoring role.

5. Who oversees my placement?

The program coordinator oversees your placement. You will attend regular fortnightly meetings with her to ensure you are not experiencing any difficulties, are receiving regular feedback and having appropriate paperwork signed off.

6. Can I stay on as a volunteer when my placement is finished?

Many of our Vocational Placement students stay on as volunteers after they have finished their placement. It’s a great way to get further experience and enhance your skills.

7. Can I be guaranteed a job if I complete my placement at Arcadia?

We cannot guarantee you a job at Arcadia once you have completed your placement. Sometimes job opportunities arise at Arcadia and if appropriate, the program coordinator will forward these on to you. External networks often send out job vacancies via email and these will also be forwarded to you.

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