How is Arcadia different to mainstream school?

Arcadia offers a very different way of learning. Students learn in a team, with their own team leader in their own studio.

Learning in small teams provides safety and security and encourages trusting relationships with both your team mates and your team leader/advisor. The adults who work with you will understand your background and grow to know you well over time. This provides an added sense of knowing you are valued and respected at Arcadia. Plus it gives you every opportunity and the right support to learn and enjoy coming to college every day.

Why do you call your classrooms “studios”?

Our studios do not resemble traditional classrooms. There are no desks lined up facing the front. Arcadia studios are spacious with lounges for discussions, iPads for autonomous study, a kitchen to prepare snacks and a group eating area.

What is your policy on aggression or bullying?

Arcadia has a very strict view on this. Our college cannot tolerate aggression in any form. It is important that you feel 100% safe when you attend Arcadia, so Arcadia staff will ensure this policy is enforced so every one of our students are safe. If a student shows aggression or bullies others s/he is sent home immediately.

What about illegal substances?

Any illegal activity is referred directly and immediately to the police.

Arcadia College is a private school. Why is it so inexpensive?

Arcadia is specifically designed to be quite different to other private schools, and does not charge school fees. The levy ensures all learning resources are provided for our students, including resources, ICT equipment, excursions, transport and some meals.

Arcadia College receives additional government funding as a Special Assistance School, with the condition that the college does not charge tuition fees and must only enrol students who are fully disengaged from mainstream schooling.

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