• I am proud to be a part of Arcadia because it has given me a better direction in life. I have already finished one unit of my certificate II. Arcadia is encouraging us to think outside of the box with career paths, rather than just settling for the normal. – Student

Arcadia College offers a full-time education program. Students attend their campus from Monday to Friday 9 am to 2.00 pm. We also allow flexible arrangments; for example part-time work, work experience, volunteer work, job club, traineeships or *VET certificate course.

Arcadia Senior Program for years 10, 11 and 12

English Communication
Pre-vocational Maths
Career Development Course
*VET certificate courses
School-based traineeships
Community Service Project
Internships with local businesses
Work Shadowing and Work Experience

Project Based Learning (PBL)

PBL provides Arcadia College students the opportunity to pursue areas of personal interest and become an “expert” in the field of their choice.
Students reveal their own curiosity by researching and discovering demonstrable knowledge about an area they are genuinely interested in.
To reflect the performance often required in the work place, students develop, design and create a real-life project that is then professionally presented to fellow-students.

The projects provide an authentic experience for students to demonstrate learning outcomes that are typical of the standards seen in the professional workplace.
PBL is applicable to both self-directed individual learners and learners working in teams. Advisors and Team Leaders act as “facilitators” to support and guide the students or teams with their projects.

Benefits to students: Provides students a voice and choice, students achieve through inter-disciplinary and cross-curricula learning, students gain access to industry professionals and mentors, students receive feedback from peers as well as facilitators, students learn from others’ project presentations, students receive authentic real-life project experience.


Arcadia student also have access to volunteer mentors; an adult who is trained to guide, support and encourage a young person through a trusting relationship that builds gradually through regular on-campus meetings. Mentoring has the capacity to enable those involved – both young people and their mentors – to grow and learn. A mentor may assist you with tutoring, ideas for projects, contacts to secure a part-time job or to simply encourage and support you while you complete your education at Arcadia.

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